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Join our vibrant community by volunteering with one of our diverse teams! At our church, volunteering isn’t just about lending a hand; it’s an opportunity to connect, grow, and make a meaningful impact. Whether you have a passion for music and want to join our worship band, a knack for creativity to contribute to our dynamic creative team, a heart for welcoming others on our first impressions team, or a desire to mentor and guide the younger members of our congregation through our youth and kids team – there’s a place for you here. Embrace the joy of serving alongside like-minded individuals, creating lasting connections, and being a vital part of our church's journey towards making a difference in our community.

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First Impressions

Our first impressions team is the warm smile and helping hand that welcomes everyone into our church family. Dedicated to creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere, our team greets newcomers, assists with seating, and provides information to ensure everyone feels at home. With genuine care and a desire to make every visit memorable, we strive to create a positive and welcoming environment for all who walk through our doors.

Media & Production

Our church media and production team is a dedicated group of individuals passionate about enhancing worship experiences through technology and creativity. From managing sound and visuals during services to producing engaging video content, our team collaborates to ensure our messages are communicated effectively and resonate with our congregation. With a blend of technical expertise and artistic flair, we strive to create an immersive and meaningful worship environment.


Our creative team is a talented group dedicated to infusing innovation and inspiration into our church's expression of faith. From designing compelling visuals and crafting engaging sermons to planning events and artistic presentations, our team collaborates to bring fresh perspectives and meaningful experiences to our congregation. With a blend of imagination and purpose, we aim to ignite spiritual connections and foster a vibrant community through our creative endeavors


Worship & Band

Our worship and band team is a passionate ensemble dedicated to leading our congregation in heartfelt worship. Comprised of talented musicians and vocalists, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can connect with God through music. With harmonious melodies and uplifting lyrics, we aim to inspire and uplift spirits, fostering a powerful and meaningful worship experience for our church community.


Join our dynamic dance ministry team, where movement becomes a powerful expression of faith and worship. Committed to weaving the beauty of dance into our spiritual journey, we use movement as a form of praise and storytelling during our services and events. Whether through graceful choreography or vibrant movements, our team seeks to glorify God and inspire our congregation with the artistry and devotion found in dance. If you have a passion for dance and a desire to convey messages of faith through movement, come join us as we uplift hearts and spirits through the power of dance.

Youth & Kids

Our youth and kids team is an energetic and nurturing group committed to guiding and nurturing the youngest members of our church family. Through engaging activities, interactive lessons, and caring mentorship, we create a vibrant environment where children and teens can grow in their faith and develop meaningful connections. With a blend of fun and faith-building experiences, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation on their spiritual journey.

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